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Through transformative pedagogy and a commitment of Freire's notion of lovingness, educators can fulfill the demands of political agents and the needs of their learners.
Hey, if not for the Dodgers and San Diego's lovingness to beat their big bullies to the north, people would be asking whether the Tigers are as bad as the Padres instead of the other way around.
I suspect women in Jesus's time recognized and identified with his lovingness, but such a personal response to Jesus can be difficult to sustain today.
It was perhaps for this reason that Baines set a tempo for the beatific third movement which failed to linger with any lovingness over these consolatory blossomings of lyricism.
This finding says a great deal about hatefulness begetting hatefulness, but just as much about lovingness begetting lovingness.
I was fortunate to have a son like Gordon - his lovingness and generosity, his compassion and tolerance of others less fortunate, his multi-faceted creativity.
In love, despite recent doubts and concerns, you may be more receptive to the idea of lovingness.
If we were playing a pair who were in love, it would be like rubbing our lovingness in the face of the public, and that would be totally repugnant to say the least.