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If your HDL ("good") cholesterol is low (35 or less), add a daily serving or two of canola or olive oil, full-fat mayonnaise or salad dressing, nuts, avocado, or fatty fish (like salmon).
Because foods ranking low on the GI scale tend to be rich in fiber, it's difficult to sort out which aspect of diet is more important.
All of which has made marketing low tar cigarettes a challenge worthy of the tobacco companies' renowned cunning.
Cured with prepolymers or quasi prepolymers, these products provide low durometer systems with excellent properties.
Region market overview covers the following: production of polyethylene linear low density in a region/country, consumption trends, price data, trade in the recent year and manufacturers
A low dose of radiation can reduce damage even if it comes after a larger dose, says Tanya K.
Can raise Izod levels to no-break point, even at low temperatures.
Print environments between high and low socioeconomic (ses) communities [Electronic version].
The astute reader is chafing to tell me that I left out one positive variable that frequently accounts for very low ROA.
This would be a disaster for the industry and for consumers," warns Wolfgang Kurth, president of the new European Low Fares Airline Association, a group that includes RyanAir, Sky Europe, and Wizz.
For dialectics--or the very idea of opposition, resistance, even discomfort--was utterly absent from "High & Low," replaced by a hunky-dory, we're-all-in-this-together model that saw advanced art and modern mass culture constantly borrowing, renewing, and handing back each other's forms without so much as an awkward brush of the shoulders between them.
2 carbs per piece" on Russell Stover's (illegally labeled) Low Carb Solid Milk Chocolate may lead carb cutters to think they can munch all day.