low comedy

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William Paul links late twentieth-century gross-out films to a history of low comedy that has its earliest origins in the ancient Greek plays of Aristophanes, (15) considered to be one of the first satirists.
One cannot emphasize enough the double-edged insight of this statement--a slapstick marriage that both elevated low comedy and gave Grant a touch of the Everyman.
But somehow the shows that seemed to connect most solidly with audiences--if not necessarily with critics--were Thoroughly Modern Millie, stooping to conquer with low comedy and the antic Charlestons of Tony winner Rob Ashford, and the equally fluffy Mamma Mia
IF you thought films like Dumb And Dumber were the bees' knees, you'll probably warm to this latest Hollywood descent into low comedy.
There was high drama, low comedy, political intrigue, culture clash.
Every four years the rest of the world looks to America expecting high drama or low comedy.
Line for line, gag for gag, O Brother is no Sullivan's Travels, but the Coens have nonetheless absorbed and applied with intelligence the essential know-thyself lesson of Sturges's film, and they've taken their intriguing mix-and-match tonal cues from his: Like Sullivan's Travels, the Coen brothers' movie blends low comedy with middling melodrama in unusual ways.
The poem is simultaneously low comedy and high: low in the slapstick of planting beans on the bookshelf or bumping on the stairs into Saint Irenaeus wearing a necklace of macaws; high in Dante's sense of the Commedia as a vision of everything in the cosmos held harmoniously together by a divine love so dazzling that the poet can only break into joyous laughter, in the Paradiso, at its flaming brilliance.
It offers visitors a vast and sometimes bewildering choice of entertainment, ranging from low comedy on the fringe to high art at the International Festival.
Ludlam was a formidable talent steeped in classical literature and performance who could descend into camp and low comedy to get the effect he wanted and then return to dramatic heights.
Such anecdotal detail gathers much of the interest and adds to the overall feeling of a book mixing low comedy with high insights.
Like nearly everything else we do, we manage to mix high drama and low comedy.