low estimation

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Had Hawkeye been aware of the low estimation in which the skillful Uncas held his representations, he would probably have prolonged the entertainment a little in pique.
Schlesinger also demonstrates how their opposition to abortion reflected both a respect for fetal life and a low estimation of sex, sexuality and women.
And not unsurprisingly, they hold the politicos in such a low estimation and scorn.
Studies suggest that violence takes place in at least two-thirds of homes in Papua New Guinea, but researchers say this is a low estimation.
And London Mayor Boris Johnson said Mr Hague could be wrong with his low estimation about the number of immigrants.
Although I have salvaged the role of external goods, including honor, for virtue in Aristotle, the contradiction between the megalopsychos's low estimation of honor and the proud man's primary concern with honor remains.
THE PHENOMENON of the administration coalition and the nominally oppositionist United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) fielding common candidates is an indication of the public's low estimation of today's crop of politicians, according to Sen.
Appended are: (1) RD Low Estimation of the Impact of Ed Tech and TFA; (2) Exploring Heterogeneity in Experimental Impact Estimates; (3) Manipulation of the Assignment Variable; and (4) Simulating Data for the RD Replication Exercise.
In fact, this previous low estimation was unjustified as some Indian silver exhibits extremely fine craftsmanship, generally combining repouss and chasing techniques.
Meanwhile, a citizen in Yanbu has been frank about his low estimation of the elected members in the present municipal councils.
Terry exemplifies this point by identifying a gap between 'Pope's poised blandishments and the low estimation of female worth on which they are predicated [.
According to Iris Pettai's research in 2001, many people tend to give their social position a low estimation in spite of reference group influence (Pettai 2002:119-121).