low grade

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83% for Low grade prostate cancers and 75% for Intermediate grade cancers.
Serous carcinoma associated with serous neoplasm of low malignant potential is nearly always low grade, and both serous neoplasm of low malignant potential and low-grade serous carcinoma have similar clinicopathologic and molecular features that are distinct from high-grade serous carcinoma.
Polymorphous low grade adenocarcinoma: A clinicopathologic study of 164 cases.
These tumors are low grade, display indolent behavior, have a favorable clinical course, and should be considered in a differential diagnosis of the extracerebral extra-axial tumor.
If they get a low grade on the surprise inspection there is no second chance until their next regular checkup months later.
To date, the Black Fox open pit mine has produced two categories of ore: (1) higher grade ore (containing plus 3 grams of gold per tonne) and (2) low grade ore (containing between 1 gram and 3 grams of gold per tonne).
Tenders are invited for a) Supply of about 1800 mt low grade sulphur and (b) sale of about 450 mt high grade sulphur by ongc, hazira plant, surat-394518, on as is where is basis.
They argue they could lose customers or, worse, be forced out of business if they have to live with the stigma of a low grade for several months.
Previous work conducted at Cinola, focused almost entirely on outlining a low grade gold resource amenable to large scale open pit mining methods without fully considering the potential to develop high grade gold zones by alternative mining methods.
The mine produces a relatively low grade of ore - .
Bill Reed, Manager of Exploration in Mexico stated, "We have received over half of the assay results from our drill program so far and have numerous intersects of anomalous gold, low grade gold and many instances of silver over short intersects.