low quality

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The Government hospitals and the Provincial Health Department promoting spurious medicine, sub-standard and low quality medicine by buying bulk medicine.
The COCs were classified as high or low quality, as follows: High quality CCOs had at least three layers of compact cumulus cells and homogeneous cytoplasm, whereas the low quality COCs were characterized by gaps in coverage of cumulus cells, as well as an heterogeneous cytoplasm due to the presence of vesicles or granules.
The results average output voltage of high quality paper in one and two ply is higher compared to the low quality paper.
Many complaints were recently filed by buyers and real estate companies against contracting companies focusing on low quality construction, breach of the terms of signed contracts, the use of cheap construction material, late delivery of projects and contractors' evasion or failure to complete the project after initiating construction.
The breakfast session was designed to raise awareness about the growing low quality and counterfeit auto parts market in the UAE.
Attiay Ali cooks rice frequently, and says the rice from the Food Program is not even good enough to make soup because of its low quality.
Madonna stated that the generation of Najwa, Nawal, Elissa, Haifa and Nancy present songs that are not appealing or of high standards, even the music videos they release are of very low quality and taste and she (Madonna) rarely listens and watches any of their songs and videos.
It's low quality for everyone else but it fits Iraq," said another market participant.
3 : worth little : of low quality <cheap perfume>
Such extortionate fares and a low quality service mean that it is laughable for the bus to ever be suggested as a good alternative to car usage and it is the ones without a choice - often the most vulnerable members of the community - who are being made to pay for what I feel is a low quality service.
Selling the current low quality surplus to Quebec mills provides harvesting jobs in Ontario and allows us to get to the higher quality trees to supply Ontario veneer and sawmills.
Low quality hurt imports, agrees Alfred Teo, chairman of Sigma Plastics Group, Lyndhurst, N.