low regard

See: bad repute
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God doesn't make you a distasteful and disgraceful president (which might be why those abusive Kuwaiti employers have a very low regard for Filipinos); you do.
From a post-modern deconstructionist perspective, I am convinced that China holds Kenya and Kenyans in very low regard to the extent of consciously using universally accepted racist impressions to depict Kenya," added Ms Adhiambo.
The remark only betrayed his obsession, at age 72, with sex and a seeming low regard for women.
People with mental illness are seen in low regard because of stigma.
Americans' low regard for their nation's moral values was evident in questions extending back well before the current questions were first asked 16 years ago.
Truman held Francisco Franco's fascist dictatorship in low regard, yet the State Department and the Department of Defense urged President Truman to form an alliance with Spain to gain a strategic advantage in the Cold War.
Dodgers manager Walter Alston (who I hold in very low regard to this day) sent in George Shuba to pinch-hit for Don Zimmer, the second baseman.
The big question for Alan is how long he can continue risking his career for a network that holds his talents in such low regard.
A RECURRING theme in newspaper opinion pages has been the supposedly low regard in which parties and politicians are viewed by the public.
The survey found that the typical American frequent flyer continues to hold the TSA in low regard, with 71.
Reflecting the low regard for job safety at Turkish jobsites, 89.
In other words, at the time sellers and buyers shared a simultaneously low regard in their underlying liquidity and value.