low spirits

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COMEDY star Miranda Hart has revealed how last Christmas she was in such low spirits she considered quitting her career.
Stimac is under major pressure and the coach will be eager to ensure his team get a bit of revenge and avoid heading to the play-offs in low spirits.
He thanked fans for their kind words of support in trying times, adding that his low spirits had been taken care of by the good vibes.
Capitalising on low spirits caused by a severe economic crisis, including fuel shortages, power cuts and soaring inflation, it collected more than 15 million signatures calling for early presidential elections.
Disquieted by the little chap's low spirits, Bear set out to satisfy his desires.
Real also came into the derby in low spirits after a 4-1 thumping by Dortmund in Europe - and Radamel Falcao piled on the pain by heading an early opener.
This traverses mostly familiar linguistic ground, but then heads off into psychological and medical territory as it looks at the role of music as a cure for low spirits.
It's a herbal medicine that contains St John's wort extract and aims to treat low spirits and anxiety.
Despite his low spirits after breaking from his athletic career, Al-Qadi decided he wanted to be back in the spotlight.
Symptoms include low spirits and/or depression, weight gain, concentration problems, craving for carbohydrates, feeling tired, having less energy, needing more sleep, feeling listless and gloomy, anxiety, tension, inability to cope with stress, feelings of hopelessness and increased sensitivity to pain.
England, who lead 1-0 with two to play, have the opportunity to clinch the series and try to somehow lift inevitable low spirits at Maynard's home ground.
As of a couple weeks ago, the 'Ron Paul Roadies' were in low spirits and often unable to afford food, having quit their jobs before the primaries to follow the Paul campaign full-time (and having stopped receiving a stipend from the Youth for Paul initiative).