low standing

See: ignominy
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The low standing depletes Trump's political capital and his leverage over Congress.
For example, what could members of Congress who are worried about their low standing in the public's eye learn from the military?
However, the result of the EU referendum and the low standing of MPs in the majority of voters' minds should surely make them realise that change is needed.
Still, as she has often done during her career, Clinton attributed much of her low standing on this issue to attacks from Republicans.
Para nasa news siya, baka sakali manalo siya (if he is in the news, he might win), he said, referring to Trillanes' low standing in surveys.
These factors are key contributors to its low standing in our index.
As the analysts put it, the index oscillated between positive and negative territory throughout the day with intraday high and low standing, respectively, at 33,680.
Q I'm looking for a low standing charge and high unit charge energy tariff for the property I've just bought as I won't be there much so will use very few units.
A low standing charge is likely to be beneficial if you use very little energy.
Fifteen-year-old orphan Coe is resigned to her low standing in life.
You scapegoat Uncle Joe, of course, even though he had nothing to do with the president's low standing.