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TIDE. The ebb and flow of the sea.
     2. Arms of the sea, bays, creeks, coves, or rivers, where the tide ebbs and flows, are public, and all persons may use the same for the purposes of navigation and for fishing, unless restrained by law. To give these rights at common law, the tide must ebb and flow: the flowing of the waters of a lake into a river, and their reflowing, being not the flux and reflux of the tides, but mere occasional and rare instances of a swell in the lake, and a setting up of the waters into the river, and the subsiding of such swells, is not to be considered an ebb and flow of the tide, so as to constitute a river technically navigable. 20 John. R. 98. See 17 John. R. 195; 2 Conn. R. 481.
     3. In Pennsylvania, the common law principle, that the flux and reflux of the tide ascertain the character of the river, has been rejected. 2 Binn. R. 475. Vide Arm of the sea; Navigable river; Sea shore.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The BMC also said high tide of 4.06 meters will occur at around 2:45 am and low tide of 0.80 meters at 8:36 am on Sunday.
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To examine the composition of species and ages of an aggregation in relation to the distance from the waterfront, we took another sampling during low tide (lowest tidal level: 6 cm at 3:00 pm) on August 1,2008.
The Isles of Scilly have very low tides in May and June, creating a long sand bar in the channel between islands Tresco and Bryher.
'The study confirms that fragrances are released continuously into the canals of Venice, both during high and low tide and in the historic centre and the lagoon,' said Marco Vecchiato, post-doctoral student at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice in Italy.
Most authors note that shorebirds feed on exposed intertidal areas at low tide, and roost in fields, marshes and bays at high tide (Pitelka, 1979).
At low tide a sandspit creates two beaches, allowing swimming both sides, although the surf and swell can be strong at times.
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Jeff Payne, the deputy launching authority for the Horton and Port Eynon station, said: "When walking out to Worms Head you should always check the times of the tide and remember that the causeway leading from the mainland to Worms Head is only open for two and a half hours either side of low tide."