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Serbin refuses difficult, low-paying, low-class people and dumps them on other physicians.
Surely the police must be aware of these low-class riff-raff.
Ei ght cases of such women brought before the Venetian Inquisition give tantalizing pictures of the ideas and uncertainties plaguing high-born ladies, low-class prostitutes, young girls, and married women, as they refused to confirm to the Church's teachings, sought solutions to their needs outside the Church's practices, or resisted society's ideas about women.
As a Catholic Christian, I object very strongly to this low-class, low-life type of instruction that encourages our children to act like animals instead of like children of God.
On the other hand, it is difficult to envision any reader with a minimum of social interpretation who will find anything entertaining or engaging about the exploits of these young men: even a reader who is likely to be thoroughly masculinist will probably reject these youths on class grounds: hooliganism is reprehensible not because it is masculinist but because it is low-class.
Pastor regularly attends holiday-decoration trade shows and wooden-bird-carving competitions - not with the intent of appropriating low-class artifice for her high-class art, but so that she may understand it all better.
Streetwise Jane (Whoopi Goldberg) loses her singing job in a low-class New York nightclub and decides to start anew in Los Angeles.
Contract award notice: Factory delivery of new, Low-emission, Low-class hybrid buses for the public transport in pabianice
One of the biggest hikes to a low-class horse this season was given to the Johnny Levins-trained Sixtyfiveroses, who finished second in a competitive 1m handicap at Navan last Wednesday.
Police Inspector J Penninghton said of him and his two colleagues: "They are the hard-core of a local gang of Teddy Boy ruffians, of which Kelly, a lazy and low-class bully, is the leader.