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I don't see Panorama (City as a) low-class or middle-class place or as a dangerous place or anything like that,'' Hernandez said.
Surely the police must be aware of these low-class riff-raff.
The Viennese critics hated the piece, describing it as cheap low-class wit, and La Scala audiences booed at the anachronism of Viennese Waltzes in the 18th Century.
Ei ght cases of such women brought before the Venetian Inquisition give tantalizing pictures of the ideas and uncertainties plaguing high-born ladies, low-class prostitutes, young girls, and married women, as they refused to confirm to the Church's teachings, sought solutions to their needs outside the Church's practices, or resisted society's ideas about women.
Tripathi looks at "ethnicity" [this paper also is in English] in the recent Indian theater; next, low-class (or low-caste) "buffoonery" comes in for its due--papers by Marine Carren on bhuta "dramas" and by Gilles Tarabout on spirit possession and other "way-out" theatrical forms in today's Kerala.
As a Catholic Christian, I object very strongly to this low-class, low-life type of instruction that encourages our children to act like animals instead of like children of God.
Nasenstern, in his low-class Saxon dialect, twits Heine with being Jewish, to which Mathilde furiously responds that she would never have married a Jew.
Pastor regularly attends holiday-decoration trade shows and wooden-bird-carving competitions - not with the intent of appropriating low-class artifice for her high-class art, but so that she may understand it all better.
Let it therefore be boldly stated that the REVIEW has a "call", a call of quite a low-class, evangelical kind.
Streetwise Jane (Whoopi Goldberg) loses her singing job in a low-class New York nightclub and decides to start anew in Los Angeles.
It just never seems to amaze me how terrible and low-class TV can be.