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The Infinity BassLink SM is designed specifically for car owners who are hoping to upgrade the low-end bass performance in their car from good to exceptional and to do it at an attractive price.
Low-end smartphones like the Lumia 520 has helped in pushing the popularity of Windows Phone OS.
When high-quality EPS is offered, only vacuum clients are willing enough to pay for it; they are the high-end consumers, and manual clients are low-end consumers.
It may be more than a pipe dream that a robust alternative energy market could provide a new, competitive end market for recyclers handling mixed or Low-end materials lacking practical closed loop systems.
The debate over whether illegal immigrants hurt young poor, unskilled American workers is not confined to low-end jobs.
ABI claimed that anticipated improvements in mobile phone camera quality will have a serious effect on digital camera sales as people decide they do not need a low-end standalone camera in addition to their phone.
At the same time that these vendors eagerly claim iSCSI leadership and iSCSI strategies, they are careful to position their iSCSI devices at the low-end of the market to protect their high-end Fibre Channel business.
The uPD9996 chip has a pin layout compatible with the NEC Electronics uPD9990/1/2 melody chips, which enables manufacturers to develop low-end mobile phones based on their existing uPD9990/1/2 designs.
But it should be noted that steel wheel manufacturers are limiting their ambitions to replacing high-volume, low-end aluminum units, not top-of-the-line models.
The deal, which the sources say was influenced by EMC Corp, will see Dell bundle an 8-port low-end Brocade switch with the Dell-EMC-badged CX200 mid-range Clarrion disk array, and a yet-to-be announced CX-100 array.
3% in last September, but set a certain limit for the low-end.