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Extent of surgical resection is independently associated with survival in patients with hemispheric infiltrating low-grade gliomas.
Metabolic imaging of low-grade gliomas with three-dimensional magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
9,17,18) In contrast, AdH and low-grade DCIS both tend to show diffuse ER expression with extensive contiguous areas.
To assess the degree of linear association between the R and S variables was used the Pearson correlation coefficient using pooled data from normal squamous tissue, low-grade lesions and high-grade lesions.
Serum anti-FLNC autoantibody level was markedly higher in low-grade glioma patients compared with high-grade glioma patients or in healthy participants, which was validated in an independent set of patients' sera.
After surgery, with or without pre-surgical chemotherapy, when low-grade serous ovarian cancer persists or returns, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy are relatively ineffective," concedes David Gershenson, professor in The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's Department of Gynecological Oncology and Reproductive Medicine, Houston, Texas.
Biopharmaceutical company Array BioPharma Inc (NasdaqGM:ARRY) reported on Monday that it will start a global Phase 3 clinical trial in patients with recurrent low-grade serous ovarian cancer (LGSOC) this summer under the MILO (MEK Inhibitor in Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer) study.
The findings show that selumetinib targets a mutation in the MAPK pathway for patients with low-grade serous carcinoma, allowing for treatment on previously chemoresistant tumors.
Hur of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, both in Boston, and his colleagues conducted several analyses comparing three treatment strategies for each of three disease states: Barrett's esophagus with high-grade dysplasia, Barrett's esophagus with low-grade dysplasia, and Barrett's esophagus with no dysplasia.
A twofold increased risk was noted for low-grade serous (P less than .
Although Debbie didn't succumb to waiting and changed the term to "watch and live" - she said that more support and research was needed to be given to those with a low-grade tumour.
Microscopic examination of an office punch biopsy of the mass showed findings consistent with a low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma.

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