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For more information on Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report and to receive the Special Reports, please click here .
Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report is a subscription-based investment newsletter that provides regular coverage on 40 stocks that trade under $3 a share.
Profiles of China low-priced notebook industry chain
Analysis and forecast on China low-priced laptop market
As many investors dump their shares of growth stocks at the year end, it creates the ultimate opportunity for everyday investors like you and me to scoop up some of these low-priced stocks and hold on tight as they recover from depressed price," said Timothy Lutts, publisher.
Cabot's 10 Favorite Low-Priced Stocks for 2005 is available for a limited time only for $24.
Converting cash to cards--More consumers are ready to use their credit, debit and charge cards to pay for a variety of low-priced items such as gas, fast food, coffee, vending machines and video games.
Peppercoin enables profitable new business models for low-priced digital content and physical goods.
By working with the existing payments infrastructure and providing a secure, seamless user experience, Peppercoin offers merchants a consumer-friendly way to sell low-priced content profitably.
The study, conducted by global survey-based market research group Ipsos-Insight, and Peppercoin, a payments company that enables profitable new business models for low-priced digital content and physical goods, was a scientific telephone survey to a random sample of 1,100 Americans ages 12 and older and has a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.
In the eight months since the initial survey, however, that proportion has grown to 36 percent, suggesting both that more Web sites are offering low-priced content, as well as consumers are becoming more comfortable in experimenting with low-priced online content purchases.
0 will change the small payments landscape by making it possible for consumers to easily purchase low-priced digital and physical goods and by solving the most significant challenges facing merchants selling online and at the point-of-sale.

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