low spirits

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But despite this low-spirited economic picture, nearly all economists insist that the Central Bank has sufficient tools to protect the Lebanese pound.
Dubai: Were you feeling low-spirited when getting back to work on Tuesday morning?
According to a statement from the Kayseri Governor's Office, the incident was revealed after the school counselor talked to the girl after seeing her low-spirited for a couple of days.
The different color flowers, greenery, or the blue sea gives serenity to anxious and low-spirited persons and brightens their day and iodine from the sea air enhances sleep and health.
With being overcast with dark clouds, I'm low-spirited and am not enjoying myself.
Feeling low-spirited for much of the time, every day.
The market was low-spirited throughout the session as there was no bright news to recoup Monday's massive losses, which were spurred by fears over escalating anti-Japanese sentiment in China, brokers said.