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In addition, there is not sufficient theoretical reasoning and empirical results to say that low-tech companies cannot highlight in innovation as other high-tech companies that make more intensive use of science and technology (Santamaria et al., 2009).
Low-tech devices typically require little or no training, whereas mid- to high-tech devices may require moderate to extensive training.
Most of the time, these options are low-tech, meaning they're something the pioneers might have used as they set up homesteads across America.
According to Structural Analysis on R&D Expenses of Industry from the Korea Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP), in 2006, R&D expenses of the Korean High-Tech Industry totaled 17.2671 trillion won, but R&D expenses for Korean Low-Tech Industry totaled only 1.7587 trillion won.
On April 5, Ken Yeang, whose design philosophy has focused on low-tech, "bio-climatic" skyscrapers will describe his work.
But I can think of one high-tech solution (online voting), and one low-tech solution (marking a paper ballot at your local polling place) that could easily be accomplished in this time frame, let alone the 21 days suggested by the continuity law that Klein criticizes.
I am such a low-tech guy and I had no difficulties 'reading' the issue."
Low-tech, low-cost Manpads present helicopter defense dilemma.
To most Americans, including some job shop suppliers, the world of the smaller supplier to the "big boys" is a world of low-tech bottom feeders.
It also will help students identify applied high-tech research opportunities in a seemingly low-tech industry.
It's work that allows entire families to share in the enterprise and still maintain their core low-tech beliefs.
It's a classic move of low-tech astronomy, here enacted in a coastal setting--a science-nerd beach party of one.