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Low-tech devices typically require little or no training, whereas mid- to high-tech devices may require moderate to extensive training.
Most of the time, these options are low-tech, meaning they're something the pioneers might have used as they set up homesteads across America.
One problem is the low-tech myth keeps young people (and their teachers) from considering a career in a smaller, creative manufacturing outfit.
Based on experiences with the Law Enforcement focus group, we concluded that the use of low-tech "Post-it" notes worked well with smaller more homogenous groups but limited the amount of group communication among participants.
Many schools harbor such low-tech insurgents and pay too little attention to their potential for destruction.
Securing Windows Server 2003 is devoted to fully understanding the system's options; from learning encryption and account password protection to using smart cards to make a system secure and derailing low-tech intrusions.
Colonel Hammes' focus here is upon '4GW': fourth generation warfare which is low-tech and surprisingly effective against high-tech enemies.
Pearce also examines the low-tech solutions, from rice terracing to rainwater harvesting, that have sustained communities for hundreds of years.
So a mountain bike seems decidedly low-tech for Honda R & D's technical gurus.
The simple truth about MCS: low-tech solutions for real suffering.
An effect familiar to those who remember psychedelic light shows produced with low-tech slide projectors.