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The implications for high-tech development in low-tech environments through internal or external development strategies are serious.
Cuppa Coffee's low-tech approach was used to pitch and later win the job of creating the opening titles for David Cronenberg's eXistenZ.
Kindly refer to previous paragraph on low-tech proofreading.
Any cellular telephone or PCS network is vulnerable to low-tech fraud.
The town wanted to opt out of the county's expensive regional treatment plant and install a low-tech, low-cost system of marshes to treat its wastewater.
2014-0-71: maintenance of electrical equipment low-tech imaging brand "general electric" installed at the university hospital "12 october" and specialty centers.
Some say low-tech, low-value products are targets for outsourcing overseas, but shipping costs come into the equation.
With an engineer's flair for coaxing unexpected function from unlikely materials--and a Conceptualist's penchant for seeking ingenious ways to deploy that function--Ian Burns conceived his recent show as a series of exaggeratedly low-tech viewing stations.
Field tests in Nepal suggest that people who live in areas with arsenic-tainted aquifers maybe able to purify their drinking water by passing it through a low-cost, low-tech filter with a simple active ingredient--a few handfuls of iron nails.
By that time, bad economic conditions and declining production at the aging, dirty plant conspired to reinforce the impression of the auto industry as a low-tech and low-skill way of life.
crowds of students and Scouts paced the low-tech floats that entertained spectators along Ventura Boulevard.
In the small community of Praia Grande on idyllic Marajo Island off Brazil's northern coast, 10 workers are employed by the modest, low-tech factory that processes the coconut fiber, turning it into headrests and seat padding for Mercedes cars and trucks.