lower price

See: discount
References in classic literature ?
Convictions have been purchased at a much lower price; and I should have nothing to do but with venalities."
I induced him to sell his baskets at rather lower prices than they asked for them in Grenoble, while, at the same time, they were better made.
Greengart explained that Apple isn't really creating midrange iPhones meant to be sold at a lower price. The Cupertino tech company instead sells older models then supports them with software updates for a long period of time.
The index for 'Food Articles' group declined by 0.4 percent to 137.2 from 137.8 for the previous month due to lower price of egg, gram, tea, coffee, poultry chicken and condiments and spices, among others.
This means patients with blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and those who need pain killers will be able to get larger packs of medicines at a lower price.
MP Ruslan Kazakbayev asked who oversees the issue of selling expired food products at a lower price.
CoBank said its new Quarterly Index Review has reported rippling effects on agricultural markets from lower price environments amid mounting inventories, plunging oil and gas prices and a strong US dollar.
You've been told that your dream client wants to give you his business, but one of your competitors has come in at a lower price. If you want to win, you will have to do better.
The FNB House Price Index was up 16% year on year driven by a combination of a rapid decline in properties in the lower price segment and a decline in newly built properties on the market, latest figures released by FNB shows.
Rice production has increased in the northern province of Kunduz this year, compared to last year's yield, officials said on Sunday, but growers are concerned at the commodity's lower price in the market.
Ripa, co-host of ABC's Popular Live with Regis and Kelly morning program is touting A&P's Lower Price Project in television and radio commercials for the chain's A&P, Waldbaum's and Super Fresh banners.
SKY said it would take legal action against Ofcom after the media watchdog ruled it must offer its premium sports channels to rival broadcasters at a lower price.

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