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Role of mycoplasma pneumoniae and chlamydia pneumoniae in children with community-acquired lower respiratory tract infections.
Lower respiratory tract infections are responsible for 28% of the deaths.
1 To know the sub-clinical vitamin A deficiency in children during Acute Gastroenteritis and Lower Respiratory Tract Infections.
The Contractor undertakes, on the terms notified in the offer to ensure the supply of inhalation devices for the lower respiratory tract of persons insured by the Contracting Authority in the advertised service area (Los) at any time.
Nearly 10% of lower respiratory tract infections were accompanied by pulmonary problems, 7% had cardiovascular problems, 5% had endocrine morbidities, 5% had oncologic problems, and around 4% had gastrointestinal comorbidities.
Relationship of parental smoking to wheezing and nonwheezing lower respiratory tract illnesses in infancy.
Association between respiratory syncytial virus outbreaks and lower respiratory tract deaths of infants and young children.
RSV is a common cause of lower respiratory tract infection; in children, its effects range from mild to lethal.
This monoclonal antibody is being assessed for the prevention of lower respiratory tract illness caused by respiratory syncytial virus in infants and young children.
Stays are designed for chronically ill and physically impaired children insured VoZP CR ages 7 to 17 years of age, including, in particular allergic disease, various forms of eczema, a disease of the upper and lower respiratory tract on the basis of reduced immunity and overall body weakness.
Younger infants, boys, and nonwhite infants were at increased risk for infectious disease--related hospitalization; the most common diagnoses were lower respiratory tract infections, Krista L.

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