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flag and the city's flag in February of 2002, Yousefian said they appropriated a lot of money - nearly $114,000 - to install more flag poles at city facilities for the city flag in the event of a situation in which it would be lowered while the U.
Changing alloys in a pressure pour requires that the percentage of some alloying elements be lowered while others are raised.
has been lowered to 'BBB-' (Triple-B-Minus) from 'BBB' (Triple-B), while the ratings on American Airlines' equipment pass-through certificates and equipment certificates financing leveraged lease transactions have been lowered to 'A-' (Single-A-Minus) from 'A' (Single-A), and its equipment trust certificates from 'A-' (Single-A-Minus) to 'BBB+' (Triple-B-Plus).
In the first study, 4 tablespoons of malted-barley bran daily lowered serum cholesterol an average of 6 percent.
While many studies during the 1980s showed that garlic lowered cholesterol, most of the research since then has come up empty .
Class A-4 Notes lowered to 'AA' from 'AAA' and removed from
In a six-week study of 23 women, a Benecol-like margarine lowered blood levels of beta-carotene by 30 percent.
Monounsaturates, on the other hand, lowered LDLs but slightly boosted HDLs when substituted for saturates.
Fitch Ratings has lowered the senior unsecured ratings of FirstEnergy Corp.
In two good studies, Fiber Plan lowered cholesterol.
After two months, those on the NCEP diet lowered their total cholesterol by 8 percent and their LDL, or "bad" cholesterol, by 10 percent.
The rating for NOR's outstanding trust preferred securities is lowered to 'D'.