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The results of season wise tick infestation revealed significantly higher tick infestation (84%) in summer season while the lowermost (4.
Differing degrees or classes of significance were estimated in populations of animals whose mean beat frequencies of the lowermost rows were higher, but by considerably different amounts, in either the sagittal or the tentacular plane.
1996) Constraints from seismic anisotropy on the nature of the lowermost mantle.
A few other scientists have questioned the existence of mantle plumes, but the new work "strongly suggests that at least these particular hot spots are actually mantle plumes that ascend from the lowermost mantle," Hofmann says.
Floors at 9 West, whose distinctive facade features a curving sheath of dark glass, range from nearly 50,000 square feet on the building's lowermost floors to around 30,000 square feet at the top of the tower.
In Figure 2, the lowermost curve corresponds to the case A1), the one above it to the case A2) and so on (in increasing order), the topmost one corresponding to the case A5).
What it will do is give some indication of the distance between the lowermost pellets in the pattern and the uppermost pellets.
The Inflorescence is very long and, very poorly branched Panicle; the Panicle scape is strictly erect, as thick as your thumb and covered over with bracts; the lowermost bracts are leaf-like, the upper ones quickly becoming shorter to about 4 cm long and oblong, keeps the colour of the leaves until the top which is brownish on the outside; they nestles narrowly on the scape, however the acuminate tip is spreading giving the stem a quite rough look.
Cervical cancer is cancer that begins in the cervix, which is the lowermost part of the uterus.
We really are getting to the point now where the fit players need to realise that the responsibility for keeping us away from the lowermost reaches of the table lies with them.
Despite the non-commercial gas rates achieved from the two lowermost layers these findings are important to Dana Gas's future exploration campaign in Egypt, as they prove the presence of an active hydrocarbon system in a formation where the company has determined the presence of several other prospects.