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For us, at the soonest time, this should be investigated because this affects the entire electoral process-from the President to the lowliest councilor in the smallest municipality.
The time when wistful thoughts of Englishmen crying into their beer swell the hearts of the lowliest Welsh peasant.
The time when wistful thoughts of Englishmen crying into their beer swells the hearts of the lowliest Welsh peasant.
There's a wide range of petrol engines to choose from, but the lowliest 60bhp 1.
But this is no pastiche; Mukherjee's depiction of social inequalities and his belief that even the lowliest person has a story to be told is very much his own.
If the novel can be believed, every cop, from the lowliest patrolman up to the Commissioner, much less City Hall, is on the take.
From managing organisational transformation projects to ennobling the lowliest of employees, and from growing new leaders with in-house universities to achieving hard-won attrition rate reductions, even with the challenges of working in HR, these teams are making best practice look easy.
To receive a child, then, is to welcome the lowliest in our society.
Flea is the lowliest of a very mixed bunch, and he's all too aware of his lack of status.
From the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant, who doesn't enjoy a good sit?
2) In a like vein, Rabbi Yeshua so identified himself with the lowliest of the low that when he said: "Whatever you have done to the lowliest," he added: "You have done to me.
So many neutrals will wish his son Nigel (above) all the best with Sheffield United, the lowliest club left in the competition, against Nottingham Forest on Sunday.