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8 litre, 118bhp K series engine which is the lowliest in the range.
That way, the top seeds would meet the lowliest remaining seed and so on, minimising the chances of any more of those irritating clashes of the giants which prove so mouth-watering to the fans.
While the head is indeed considered the most sacred part of the human body, the feet are considered the lowliest.
Now they're back with a vengeance, and this time they're hitching their wagon to what was the lowliest of online life forms six years ago: weblogs.
If the wages of sin is death, and the reward of the lowliest worker not enough to survive on without a complicated tax credits system, what price then low-grade, slip-shod, slap-dash, second-rate democratic representation?
Clive Brittain rose to the highest echelons of his sport from the lowliest of beginnings, from horse trader's sidekick to pioneer of international racing.
In his homily, the Archbishop said Father Jimmy "embraced Kirkby in its lowliest days" and "left no stone unturned to be a voice for the voiceless".
From me, myself, to the lowliest crew member, we were all buzzing," he continued.
However, I am still labouring under the misapprehension that the FA are supposed to be defenders of all of our game from the lowliest Sunday pub team, the aspiring youngsters, the top talent in the non-League, our Football League teams and those who strut their stuff in the Premier League.
Whether it's the Grand National or the lowliest selling hurdle, and whatever the elements choose to throw at it, the same principles must apply.
Over the past two decades,' they write, `the army has become the most successfully integrated institution in America--from the ranks of the lowliest privates to the highest level of command .
In ballet master Mark Goldweber's carefully textured staging of Giselle even the lowliest corps member had mastered the mime required for the first act and the detached lightness needed for the second.