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(12) His depressions were an illness, not merely a feeling of lowness or irritability (FU2)
In conclusion, the compositional process resulted in a set of multifunctional images, such as the holistic pieces Overture and Distortions, in which the spatial character of sacred Afro- Cuban songs build from the harmonic loudness and melodic lowness of the LH; the popular Afro-Cubano, Free Cuba, and Obatala, which represent the melodic shape of Afro-Cuban vocal sound inflexions, build from melodic angularity; and the energetic and very compacted Black Eyes emphasizes the quantitative dimensions of rhythms from an analytical treatment within up-beat meters.
Amartya Sen (2010) states that poverty is a deprivation of freedom, especially of basic capabilities, rather than merely the lowness of income; this is reflected in infant mortality, malnutrition, morbidity, illiteracy and other deficiencies.
Naysmith said: "On Monday there was a lowness in the squad because realistically we know we've missed out on the play-offs.
The next thing to remember about a pig is the extreme lowness of its center of gravity and its sight line.
"Amongst my clients, and even within myself, January seems to herald more of a 'can't-be-bothered' attitude to life." Referencing the myth of Persephone and Demeter, he notes that even our ancestors created stories to explain away the notion of seasonal blues, adding, "I've always thought it's no coincidence that Christmas is on December 25: it's an artificially cheerful time, full of light and joy and bustle, which helps to lift that winter feeling, that 'lowness' that's in tune with the season."
from a relation between the "lowness" of the line of the headscarf,
Thus do they, sir; they take the flow o' th' Nile By certain scales i' th' pyramid; they know, By th' height, the lowness, or the mean, if dearth Or foison follow.
This should not be surprising, bearing in mind the lowness of bond yields and annuity rates, and the collapse of public trust in financial intermediaries.
Paralanguage refers to the manner in which something is said rather than to what is said, to such vocal qualities as rate of speech, volume, rhythm, resonance; vocalizations such as laughing, yelling, moaning, whining, and belching; vocal segregates such as "uh-uh" and "shh"; and pitch, the highness or lowness of vocal tone.
Yet, sadly so, scenes like these are now so infrequent that it seems they no longer exist and those rare ones that still occur from time to time remain largely unobserved, or rather ignored, especially when related to the sinful exhibitions frantically displayed by the less than virtuous, non-God-fearing people with no common sense who have no regret for their lowness. Penitential scenes appear to them as religious fanaticism, originating from a long-forgotten obscurantism, thus becoming of no effect and undesirable.
The lowness of pap smear test rate could be attributed to the lack of sufficient knowledge on cervix cancer.