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Only in the reaction against the Revolution did patriotism and loyalism link to become defining features of the British imperial world.
Not only do the essays explore how the Loyalists contoured the post-American Revolution British Empire in both good and bad ways but the editorial decision to focus on the transnational permits the contributions to explain how loyalism was more than just a set of ideas; loyalism was actions, print culture, and generational memory as well.
Jay's account, largely based upon her doctoral dissertation, prepared under Wang Gungwu's direction at Australian National University, is lucid, well written, and well conceived and is, in this reviewer's view, the best and most useful essay to appear in a Western language on the subject of Chinese loyalism to date.
Reid shows how Britain's Native allies defined loyalism in the context of friendship with the Crown.
Adair, who has attacked many elements within loyalism since he was sent to jail, has targeted Spence during many of his verbal and written assaults branding him a 'Special Branch agent' and informer.
THERE was no end in sight to Northern Ireland's bitter loyalist feud last night as warring paramilitaries on Belfast's Shankill Road branded members of a rival faction as drug dealers who disgraced the name of loyalism.
A strong spine of Yeomanry veterans, mostly from Waterford, Oxford, and Cork, settled in eastern Ontario and served as the bulwark, first, of loyalism, and, later, of nineteenth-century Canada's largest voluntary institution, the Orange Order.
Mr Luke said he felt the politician's legacy had been forgotten by unionism and loyalism.
Originally, the project was going to focus on the complex social and political phenomenon of Loyalism in the 'Age of Revolutions, c.
He details the economic interests of land speculators, farming settlers, fur traders, Native Americans, British government agents, and other parties in the run up to the Revolution, describing the influence of said interests on choices of opposition, Tory loyalism, or neutrality.
Mr Ervine said that in six months time the focus would be on loyalism, with Protestant working-class communities needing help from the British and Irish Governments to shake off paramilitarism.
Some animal welfare officers believe that dog rackets are most prevalent in areas which are a hotbed of extreme loyalism.