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The editors remind us in their introduction that loyalism and nationalism did not begin as statist truisms, but emerged from a "long gesta ting history" (p.
Jay's account, largely based upon her doctoral dissertation, prepared under Wang Gungwu's direction at Australian National University, is lucid, well written, and well conceived and is, in this reviewer's view, the best and most useful essay to appear in a Western language on the subject of Chinese loyalism to date.
Reid shows how Britain's Native allies defined loyalism in the context of friendship with the Crown.
In this sense, the monarchy did matter and influenced the development of nationalism by providing a lightning rod for controversy and nationalist opposition, and simultaneously shaping Ulster loyalism by rewarding loyalist sentiment.
He told of his plans for after his release and even contributed to the debate raging in loyalism about whether or not he should be booted out of Ulster as soon as he is set free.
But still there are those who will look for any incident to try and discredit loyalism.
The shooting came 24 hours after Geoffrey Thomas Gray, aged 41, was killed in the southeast of the city in an attack which police blamed on internal tensions within loyalism.
MISTRUST and scepticism abounded in the heartland of Belfast loyalism over the start of IRA decommissioning.
For a start, similar beliefs, often tied back to the civic republicanism of the country party, exercised a lingering influence on Tory radicalism and even popular loyalism.
THERE was no end in sight to Northern Ireland's bitter loyalist feud last night as warring paramilitaries on Belfast's Shankill Road branded members of a rival faction as drug dealers who disgraced the name of loyalism.
It is clear that some elements in loyalism are trying to increase tensions on interfaces across Belfast in advance of July 12.
Originally, the project was going to focus on the complex social and political phenomenon of Loyalism in the 'Age of Revolutions, c.