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The author examines how loyalism has been used to justify violence, and how loyalists see themselves to be the keepers of the flame when it comes to the idea of a united Britain.
Sophie's PhD research considers the cultural origins of Loyalism in New York as a consequence of 1690s Anglicization policies and the later Consumer Revolution, before analyzing the activities of Loyalists during the American Revolution and assessing their responses to its aftermath.
Only in the reaction against the Revolution did patriotism and loyalism link to become defining features of the British imperial world.
Jay's account, largely based upon her doctoral dissertation, prepared under Wang Gungwu's direction at Australian National University, is lucid, well written, and well conceived and is, in this reviewer's view, the best and most useful essay to appear in a Western language on the subject of Chinese loyalism to date.
He added: "I would also acknowledge the hard work of those in progressive loyalism and encourage them to continue their efforts to completely remove illegal paramilitary organisations from our communities.
With this book of collected essays taken from a 2009 conference on the topic, the editors have greatly expanded historians' knowledge of both loyalism and the historiographical boundaries of loyalist studies.
Most important to us was his work with the Colonel Edward Jessup Branch where, from the time he joined, he was active in promoting Loyalism. He served as Branch Vice-President, Branch President and continued with the executive as a Director and Photographer.
Queen's Rebels; Ulster loyalism in historical perspective.
There is a strong tradition of unionism and loyalism in Tuebrook - there are Orange marches every year - and the vast majority of people are good, law-abiding citizens who are embarrassed by the actions of some fringe elements who are associated with the UDA-type activities
He told of his plans for after his release and even contributed to the debate raging in loyalism about whether or not he should be booted out of Ulster as soon as he is set free.
But still there are those who will look for any incident to try and discredit loyalism.
The shooting came 24 hours after Geoffrey Thomas Gray, aged 41, was killed in the southeast of the city in an attack which police blamed on internal tensions within loyalism.

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