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Immerse yourself in the Loyalist experience and the history of our Capitol City, Ottawa.
The body and its goals were signed up to by representatives from the three main loyalist paramilitary groups - the UVF, UDA and Red Hand Commando.
Choosing Sides: Loyalists in Revolutionary America.
After the appearance of the Flick and Van Tyne books, other scholars followed in the paths they had blazed and, inevitably, made extensive use of the transcripts of the loyalist claims.
The great merit of Jasanoff's deeply researched and engagingly written book is that it links both newly formed loyalist communities and a select group of illustrative individuals singled out for special attention, on the one hand, with the broad process of restless migration that had been so much a part of British imperialism since its 17th-century inception, on the other.
David George, born a slave in Virginia, traveled as a free black loyalist to Nova Scotia, where he established a Baptist church.
At present, these loyalist groups are perceived as a rabble of barely politicised renegades, hell-bent on winning turf wars and protecting their own crime rackets.
This article addresses three aspects of Loyalist commemoration in Saint John from the 1880s until the 1930s: research and publishing on Loyalist history, public celebrations of the Loyalists, and the founding of the provincial museum based in Saint John.
One local loyalist source told us: "The guy who did this was a Belfast taxi driver from Rathcoole who has brought all his UDA baggage with him.
Well it might have been the first time the individuals involved met the Taoiseach, but as for Loyalists meeting Bertie Ahern it was not historic.
but eventually he is arrested by the Loyalists, accused of spying.