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LOYAL. Legal; according to law; as, loyal matrimony, a lawful marriage; attached to the existing law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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@chris_kammy: Good luck to TC Terry Connor landing the Wolves job, never mind circumstances, he has served the club loyally for donkey's years.
The commercial bullies have won again and the concern amongst the rank and file is that the small businesses that have served the local community loyally for years will in the near future suffer from the pressure sales that Tesco will be able to offer.
He cited only a few days left in Eid -ul-Azha, and WASA the employees were performing their duties loyally, and meeting their expenses by borrowing money, while their children were forced to discontinue schools.
The Army, which he served so loyally with such terrible consequences, is washing its hands of him when he desperately needs its support.
LOyALLy sHAFTEd WHILE Doncaster Rovers were winning an unlikely promotion into the Championship and then defying gravity by staying in the second flight, their manager Sean O'Driscoll distanced himself from a string of opportunities to move to wealthier clubs.
When Nick gets embroiled in scandal and the Skinners'' private life becomes more public, Ali can choose to speak out or remain loyally silent.
He also had the tenacity to overcome many difficulties that were thrown his way for him to remain such an active player in the game he made his life by loyally staying with Pond House for all those years.
The LPP/LC based its decision not to join the government on an expressed desire to cooperate and "act loyally to the state," but the party believes the period of time until the election is too short to bring any changes to the government's work.
And well done to all the schools who took part and supported their individual organisations loyally.
Don't get me wrong--I've been watching The L Word loyally for all three seasons, and up until recently I've appreciated many things about the show.
Ms Othman says loyally: "Both the Queen, and my mother looked very glamorous."
It involved MPs Jim Dowd (Lab Lewisham West), who was loyally supporting Mr Blair, and Bob Marshall-Andrews (Lab Medway), one of the rebels.