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As a professional organization, the LFPA will help loyalty programs understand loyalty fraud prevention and, serve as a resource and central database for known loyalty fraudsters, establish best practices for preventing fraud and educate loyalty program members via workshops and conferences.
Dion Maritz, General Manager, ICLP Dubai, comments: "'No such thing as loyalty' may appear to be a controversial statement to make, particularly when voiced by respected loyalty marketing experts like ICLP.
Most employees want loyalty to be understood as a mutual, respectful and beneficial relationship.
Conversely, however, there appears to be significant skepticism about the actual demise of employee loyalty.
The waning era had been grounded on a bedrock of patriotism, a loyalty to country cemented by the threats, challenges, and triumphs of two wars and the Depression.
Josiah Royce's 1908 opus, The Philosophy of Loyalty,(1) still remains the locus classicus on the subject.