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For the non-coated bladders, the orders from the most to the least lubricious are as follows:
Things are going swimmingly until Kurosaki's missus, the elegant Shizuko (Yoko Hoshi), comes home to find a particularly lubricious tableau in the study -- one in which her hubby is making like Richard Gere in "Dr.
The AL400-D Gas Plasma System is designed for a lubricious, low coeffecient of friction coating on bulk medical components, company officials said.
ComfortCoat is an advanced lubricious hydrophilic coating designed to enhance maneuverability of metal guidewires in minimally invasive procedures.
The HydroSteer line of guidewires features a lubricious hydrophilic coating which becomes slippery when wet, thereby reducing friction and enabling physicians to more easily maneuver the wires through the patient's vessels.
Polyethylene oxide (PEO) polymers are high-molecular-weight, water-soluble thermoplastics that have recently found wide use in specialty applications such as lubricious razor strips, pharmaceutical excipients, and water-soluble packaging.
This includes Bay-medix CL lubricious coatings, the drug-eluting Baymedix CD coatings, and hydrophilic Baymedix CH coatings, which are characterized by very high mechanical strength and particular hemocompatibility.
The missives are chatty, lubricious, name-droppy, gossipy, vulgar.
Given how litigious and lubricious the culture has become, it's perhaps not surprising that celebrity justice is widening its purview: Courtshows and reality fare with washed-up celebs are all over the airwaves, and gossip-mongers are proliferating in print as never before.
When used as a primary surfactant at 6-12%, it is said to provide volumes of dense, lubricious foam and impart a smooth skin afterfeel.
Lubricious inner liners (Pure PTFF or PTFE Composite), Precision Cutting (square cuts with tight length tolerance) and Precision Wire Coating are also available.
This low pressure gas plasma system is designed for deposition of a lubricious, low coefficient of friction coating on bulk medical components.