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Special functional silicone fluids and emulsions give lubricity and multiple release effects, or allow easier paintability.
Improved lubricity - IFT's surfactant molecules attach themselves, or adsorb, to the surfaces of the fuel system and engine, coating these surfaces to protect them from wear, and acting as a friction modifier.
Release agents are complex mixtures formulated to give optimum performance in durability, lubricity and application, according to the literature.
In addition, Dimension Bond says the lubricity is guaranteed for the life of the part.
The 3F insert includes PVD-coated grades for lubricity for reduced coefficient of friction plus extended wear.
Improved fuel lubricity and detergency are also expected to prolong engine life and reduce wear and maintenance costs.
Parylene is also used to tie down substrate particulates and add lubricity to substrates.
A new nitriding process for machine tiebars is said to give better corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, and lubricity than chrome or nickel plating.
The material is a TiC/TiN light duty cermet C7, C8 grade with exceptional wear and lubricity characteristics.
It gives added lubricity to allow easy dispersion in difficult to mix compounds.
Genestar reportedly also beats other nylons as well as acetal and LCP in lubricity and wear resistance.