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But ordinarily the low COF and lubricity of polished chrome can improve the extruder's feed rate, which governs the output of the screw in many cases.
Lower sulfur levels reduce fuel lubricity and require an additive to prevent premature failure of the diesel injection system.
Refiners must add lubricity additives to replace the sulfur which is an inherent lubricant.
At one time, we had been working to see if Colonial might be able to ship diesel with lubricity additives; but our recent tests proved that wrong.
One fuel injector pump manufacturer actually recommended the use of an automatic transmission fluid to reduce the lubricity problems.
Since biodiesel is compatible with existing diesel technology, it can be used immediately and seamlessly as a no-sulfur additive or lubricity additive," said NBB executive director Joe Jobe.
The steel axel is a proprietary designed unit that is infused with a high temp coating which enhances flowability and lubricity of the FreeWheeler[TM] wheel.
According to the company, FLUO 625CTX2 is a high quality PTFE developed for use in applications where uniform texture, heat resistance and lubricity are required.
The New York Times called it ``the real thing'' with the ``raw authenticity, the lubricity, of garage couture.
Instead of using a spray-on lubricant, clips made with Lubriclear would provide both the clarity and lubricity needed when working with medical tubing.
When sulfur is removed during refining of conventional diesel, the lubricity goes down.
For example, fat globule size is important to lubricity and richness of the food.