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Bone lesions in Erdheim-Chester disease are mainly localized to the metaphysis and diaphysis of the long bones, which show areas of sclerosis alternating with lucencies.
Sponge Lung" describes the appearance of scattered centrilobular lucencies surrounded by reticular and alveolar opacities, creating the appearance of a sponge on radiographs and CT.
Postoperative radiographs obtained must be closely inspected for new lucencies at the cement bone interface.
Chest x-ray showed multiple cystic lucencies in right mid and lower zones resembling bowel loops and mediastinal shift to opposite side.
X-rays revealed lytic, lace-like lucencies of the middle and distal phalanges and erosions of the distal phalanges on both hands (FIGURE 3).
Streaky lucencies in the bladder wall within the bladder or tracking
Twenty-three patients showed excellent or satisfactory results; however, 54% showed incomplete or complete lucencies on radiographs.
This showed faint linear lucencies within the soft tissues of the medial thigh on the right (Fig.
This is visualized by periodic acid-Schiff and Jones silver stains as pinholes and basement membrane spikes alternating with lucencies on the outer aspect of the glomerular basement membranes (Figure 8, A).
The 2-view radiographs revealed calcifications within the distal left Achilles tendon in addition to bony lucencies at the posterior aspect of left calcaneus which were consistent with Achilles tendonitis.