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Radiographs may be normal early in the disease, but will eventually show capitellar lucency and articular flattening; sclerosis, fragmentation, loose bodies, and radial head enlargement occur later.
When this lucency is not present, the lateral fourth of the head is used.
Thin-section computed tomography of the temporal bones detected evidence of bilateral otosclerosis-like lesions (spongiotic and sclerotic lesions) and pericochlear lucency.
Adequate fusion was defined by using the following radiographic criteria: presence of bridging trabecular bone along the surface of the graft, C1-C2 joint without lucency or resorption of the graft, or C1-C2 motion on the dynamic radiographic views.
As with any orthopedic hardware, perihardware lucency may indicate loosening or infection.
A short-term review of our 6 and 12 month x-rays have shown good position of the implants, signs of early bone in-growth, and no obvious signs of progressive lucency in all but three patients (discussed below).
The lesion demonstrated small areas of lucency interspersed among predominantly dense zones of sclerosis.
Chest radiograph showed a lucency in the pulmonary artery outflow trunk (Fig.
19,20) The deterioration of functional results in their series correlated with high-grade scapular notching and secondary humeral-sided lucency associated with polyethylene debris.
23) Non-dependent crescentic lucency in the pleural space is seen on CT (deep sulcus sign).
The pericochlear lucency was questionable, and the right footplate was thickened at the anterior pole.