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The Lucidity team is a welcome addition to the Emtec family and all of us are looking for them to be an important part of the Emtec story.
Jim Cassidy, managing director of Lucidity Digital and now head of Isobar's Irish office, added: "Being part of such an innovative company like Isobar will be of huge benefit to our clients.
Underfoot conditions had also been a worry before 5-2 favourite Silent Lucidity took the 1m5f handicap for owner-trainer Peter Niven, who said: "I didn't know if he would handle it.
But Semmelweis finds the young author diagnosing the human condition with a lucidity that is as undeniable as it is unsettling.
He said he admires the lucidity of Barack Obama and Winston Churchill.
He was still In a forthright mood for John Ireland's three Decorations, which brought some welcome lucidity to their whimsy, but his real triumph came with Castelnuovo-Tedesco's rarely-heard Pledlgrotta Suite.
Returning on stage to huge applause, Queensryche finished off an impressive night with Jet City Woman, the politically prophetic Empire and Silent Lucidity, which resulted in a standing ovation for which the band had worked tirelessly.
This is a dazzlingly-different movie with Bening brilliant as Augusten's boozy mother, veering from moments of lucidity and love to sheer selfishness and despondency.
The Los Angeles-based Muslim Public Affairs Council has also offered us a moment of lucidity.
This stunning emergence of a kinder and wiser person from the dying body of my mother came to a halt only in her last few days, when the pain of her tumor began to require such high doses of morphine that she was unable to speak with any lucidity.
on the lucidity of Alan as regards the early diagnosis of the productivity jump in the US economy.
To a topic--Brazilian race relations--historically fraught with ambiguity, uncertainty, and disagreement, it brings clarity, logic, and lucidity, not to mention several truckloads of data.