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Unconvincing twist aside, Open City is lucidly detached in a manner that needs no apologies.
The 83-year-old spoke lucidly and at length, sitting in an office in front of a table full of papers.
Peterson Foundation, Walker presents his case lucidly and with great conviction.
Goldman lucidly recounts how Russia's oil production has been highly correlated to its GDP throughout modern history.
The article is a meticulously documented, nuanced, and lucidly written study that illuminates this previously neglected corner of jazz history.
Building on mathematical explanations of the characteristics of harmonic motion, he lucidly explains how the simple harmonic oscillator and its extensions can be applied to a wide range of real-world physical systems and waves including electromagnetic and sound waves.
To be fair, lively discussions around the table didn't always emerge quite that lucidly.
In the video, the apparently unharmed captured Israeli soldier speaks lucidly and in Hebrew.
An Israeli official who saw the video of Sergeant Gilad Schalit said the 23-year-old looked good and spoke lucidly.
But it lucidly describes, depicts, and explains the crucial elements that these five schools have put into place that very likely account for their success.
New data obtained during the workshop suggests that while dreaming lucidly the brain is in a dissociated state, something that affirms the connection.
As writers and editors based in Canada, we want to thank Carole DeSanti for her essay "The Haunted Room" [WRB, January/February 2009], which so lucidly describes the impact of the changes in corporate publishing on women writers.