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COMEDIENNE Sarah Silverman insists Michael's Sheen former love interests don't make her feel threatened - they make her feel even luckier to be with him.
But we are very lucky at Warwickshire that we have some great players and even luckier that we have a group of players who are prepared to put in the hard yards.
Padriah Harrington was luckier with the weather and got his round completed before the weather closed in.
Warbond stayed on earnestly once the cause was lost to nish fourth, beaten just over four lengths by Spirit Of Gondree, but he would have got much closer had he been luckier.
02 ( ANI ): Bill Clinton had reportedly joked about President Barack Obama that "he's luckier than a dog with two d***s" to describe his comeback in 2012 presidential election, a forthcoming book on elections revealed.
This would prove to be even luckier than just the red shirts.
She said, "I hope you don't mind, but I feel much luckier when I'm completely nude.
beauty gradually replace those at the top and prove luckier than them for the YRF stable?
JOHNNY HAYES helped Inverness to their first ever home win over Aberdeen - then admitted he'll never score a luckier goal.
Can you remember a luckier horse than Special Duty?
The workers were being paid a pittance (the luckier ones, others none at all), made to live in squalor, taken to work in open or boxed up pick-up trucks and exposed to extreme weather conditions at work.
But the truth is, she is luckier than any lottery winner.