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They thought I was the luckiest girl alive to win the love of a man like you.
I tell you, you ought to look on that moment when she gave you back your ring as the luckiest moment of your life.
Dubai: Over 800 golfers have been whittled down to 21 after the completion of nationwide Luckiest Ball on Earth qualifiers ahead of the series' Grand Final at Jumeirah Golf Estates Fire Course on October 25.
FORMER bus driver Peter Lavery was reminded of his old job yesterday as Lottery chiefs revealed which workers are luckiest.
STEVEN GERRARD says he has been "the luckiest man in the world" as he prepares to pull on a Liverpool shirt for the last time.
Huddersfield has been hailed as Britain's seventh luckiest town.
THE thought of playing alongside Lionel Messi has Neymar feeling like "one of the luckiest men in the world" after the Brazilian joined Barcelona.
CARDIFF is one of the luckiest places to live in the UK, according to figures released by the National Lottery.
A NORTH East city is the luckiest place to live in the region in terms of Lottery wins, figures show.
COVENTRY and Warwickshire is officially one of the UK's luckiest places to live.
A poll of the country's 121 UK postcode areas found the region is the all-time luckiest in terms of the number of millionaires created.
Builders were among the luckiest National Lottery players in 2012.