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While Lucky and her husband, Kris, masquerade as the happy couple, Lucky's best friend, Nisha, miserably prepares for her wedding.
It was the second session in which Lucky Stars club succeeded in taking a vital lead through Mohammad Imran on the field attempt.
Please tell him we love him and that we've waited so long to see him,' they ask Inquirer Super to pass the message on, to which Lucky Blue responds automatically: I love you guys too.
Now Lucky has gone AWOL again, believed to have got stuck down a badger sett in Lowerhouses.
Grand Prize Lucky Draw A single prize worth one million baht will be given away for travel on any THAI operated flights to any THAI destination, to be used within one year.
As the days passed, more dogs got adopted, and Lucky got sadder by the minute.
A Lucky 15 is essentially a Yankee with four singles - think Hugh Hefner going to bed.
Mum-of-three Gillian, from West Kilbride, Ayrshire, said: "I think my guests were a bit surprised when a trailer turned up with Lucky inside.
The greatest honor to me is when people choose to pour Lucky Dog Hot Sauce on their culinary creations.
We consider the Lucky Buddha to be the enlightened good-time guy," said Charles Smouha of Lucky Drink Co.
2 : happening because of good luck <a lucky hit>
Deemed "America's first true bowling lounge," Lucky Strike Lanes started in Hollywood, California and has since grown to 15 locations across the United States.