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Sources say few others in the PSL who have been auctioned in the IPL are also suspected of not giving their best and reserving their resources for the more lucrative Indian league.
In many cases, entering parliament is now seen as a gateway to a lucrative career, hopefully ending up with a seat in the House of Lords or some other institute of privilege.
The lucrative growth of this segment can be attributed to the growing prevalence of incontinence and the presence of high unmet medical needs pertaining to this segment.
In Japan, the food industry is less lucrative (moreover the sales tax rose from 5 to 8% in the world's third-largest economy).
Traders with rival firms said Vitol and Glencore might have been prepared to accept low returns on the products deal in order to win lucrative contracts to export Libyan oil in 2012, which are due to be awarded within weeks.
19 Acres of Primo property and Lucrative Salvage business on HIGH traveled 441.
This is the woman who used her time at No10 as a platform to engage in lucrative public speaking tours, a lucrative law career and sign lucrative publishing deals, all the while moaning about the press, the stress, the finances, the .
TRIPLE Olympic cycling champion Chris Hoy will turn his golds into cash - with a string of lucrative sponsorship deals worth around pounds 2million.
Frequent flier programs evolve into lucrative business for carriers.
SPORT: Corruption is now more lucrative in some countries than drug dealing or robbery says former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Condon.
While this gives us a lower spread, 33% of Bradesco's profit comes from company and consumer credit, making it a very lucrative business, which allows us to grow while helping grow Casas Bahia," says Bradesco Vice President Norberto Barbedo.
Key program elements include reduced cleanup obligations, liability release and lucrative tax credits of 10 to 22% of remediation and redevelopment costs.