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The lucrativeness of the water sector has attracted large transnational corporations to the water business in the developing world, but this has only exacerbated the pre-existing economic and social inequalities and worsened availability to the impoverished (Polaris Institute 2003).
At the acquisition of the cutting tools it is necessary to evaluate the lucrativeness of the investment (C.
Given that the degree of lucrativeness was in large part a reflection of her public position as the Prime Minister's wife, there were understandable demands for some of the money to be donated to charity.
077 provided that the Sillamae Chemical-Metallurgical PA was exempted from production funds taxation in 1990-1995 because of low lucrativeness and sharp decrease in profits.
Nowadays, because of multi-million-dollar contracts and the lucrativeness of extending one's career, players work out year-round, often with personal trainers, and show up at spring training in tip-top shape.
The lucrativeness of tribal bingo stems, at least to some degree, from the State of Florida's restrictions to off-reservation gambling.
In a similar fashion, Jose Gonzales presents a carefully crafted analysis of how the indiscriminate violence of Peruvian military and the corruption of local law enforcement in the Upper Huallaga Valley combined with the sheer lucrativeness of the coca trade to create a situation in which Sendero Luminoso was able to present itself as the protector of the coca growers against repression by the state and exploitation by the coca trafficantes.
The project's development goal is to enhance the efficiency and lucrativeness of city bus transport and minimize greenhouse gas emissions in the demonstration cities.
But unlike in the early days of M&A transactions in the industry, when competing real estate investors would merely stand on the sidelines in awe of the lucrativeness of a REIT purchase, investors are no longer complacent to stay idle.