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Nowadays, because of multi-million-dollar contracts and the lucrativeness of extending one's career, players work out year-round, often with personal trainers, and show up at spring training in tip-top shape.
Major fresh food packaging companies and associations emphasize on spreading awareness about fresh food packaging, their lucrativeness for health and the environment, and cost-effectiveness.
The high growth rate and lucrativeness of the Global Bluetooth Speaker Market have caused a price war among existing vendors, which has driven down the price of the speakers.
But unlike in the early days of M&A transactions in the industry, when competing real estate investors would merely stand on the sidelines in awe of the lucrativeness of a REIT purchase, investors are no longer complacent to stay idle.
The reader stands to learn the implications of "Senior Friendly" Homes, and the lucrativeness of metros as an optimum location for real estate projects, among others.
Colocation vendors are increasingly expanding their data center reach and enhancing their product offering to increase their lucrativeness to customers.
Table 7: Global IOL Market by Type (2006, 2008, and 2010) - Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Monofocals, Multifocal & Accommodating and Phakic (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-7 Specialty IOLs - An Exploding Market II-8 Regulatory Issues & Approval Procedures II-8 Lucrativeness of Regional IOL Markets Across the Globe II-8 Target Customer Groups & their Requirement Patterns II-9 Technological Innovations: A Boon to the IOL Industry II-9 Lasers: The High-Tech Solution II-9 Viscosurgery: A Safer Alternative II-10 Low Energy Methods for Cataract Removal II-10 A Nostalgic Review of Historic Trends II-10