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It is a great puzzle, and despite much strenuous lucubration I have been unable to come up with a persuasive explanation.
Fujii's unproductive lucubration over the introductory employment of tada 'merely' (p.
At one point I thought I might scream if I encountered the word discourse again, and some essays, such as Ronald Judy's, were an exasperating mix of jazzy, provocative exploration and close to impenetrable lucubration (a word I have long known and wanted to use in public, which Judy's thicketed phrasing inspires me to employ now for the very first time).
Anyone who has had the misfortune to peek into the library of deconstructivist literature knows that Poe's story is a favorite object of lucubration.
Abundant naughty tittle-tattle agreeably leavens the exhausting lucubration, although you won't find anything quite so indecorous as his knocking down Helen Frankenthaler in a fit of jealous rage at a party (see Florence Rubenfeld's dishy 1997 biography for that and more).
This lucubration must serve, benami, To conjugate the one act: amo, amas, Amamus, amatis - Sarabaites, loose leaves, leave Soon, and gather
Beyond the few paragraphs of undergraduate-level, Kant-and-the-Aesthetic lucubration are a thousand years of boring paragraphs about the wickedness of Saatchi, the wickedness of irresponsible, boosterish critics, the wickedness of the GNP, etc.
Despite its patina of depth (if we may so put it), "critical thinking" is a prescription for superficiality and sophomoric lucubration.
Her recent literary lucubration Love, Love, and Love, treats us to a peak at the inner feelings of a grand lady, taking the MGM grand, having rather generic romantic longings for fellow glamour-pusses, pondering her new custom window-treatment.