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At one point I thought I might scream if I encountered the word discourse again, and some essays, such as Ronald Judy's, were an exasperating mix of jazzy, provocative exploration and close to impenetrable lucubration (a word I have long known and wanted to use in public, which Judy's thicketed phrasing inspires me to employ now for the very first time).
Given that the concepts of 'tisoys' and 'Chinoys' are foreign both to my mother tongue and mentality, I can only assume as the author's personal lucubration the proposition that prejudice on my part was the cause of the
This exposure of the mechanism of his own writing, of its juxtaposition of different kinds of rhetoric, does not lead to a Bakhtinian "joyful relativity" (Martin 105) but rather a world-weary cynicism--as in the fourteenth canto when a debate with himself over why he bothers to write and publish ends with the comfort that, if nothing else, it will benefit the economy: Love, war, a tempest--surely there's variety; Also a seasoning slight of lucubration; A bird's-eye view too of that wild, Society; A slight glance thrown on men of every station.
If I've quoted from my students' essays at length, it's because I believe that, together with their photographs, they speak more convincingly and eloquently about what Nan Goldin means today than any forced froth of lucubration on the topic I could muster myself.
Anyone who has had the misfortune to peek into the library of deconstructivist literature knows that Poe's story is a favorite object of lucubration. The two Jacques, Derrida and Lacan, both devoted many impenetrable pages to the story, as have many of their epigoni.
This lucubration must serve, benami, To conjugate the one act: amo, amas, Amamus, amatis - Sarabaites, loose leaves, leave Soon, and gather
Allow a space of 3 days between each play for best results.") Abundant naughty tittle-tattle agreeably leavens the exhausting lucubration, although you won't find anything quite so indecorous as his knocking down Helen Frankenthaler in a fit of jealous rage at a party (see Florence Rubenfeld's dishy 1997 biography for that and more).
Despite its patina of depth (if we may so put it), "critical thinking" is a prescription for superficiality and sophomoric lucubration. It proffers the appearance of knowledge without the substance.
He complains that the New British Art, which he dubs (with an altogether deluded sense of his own cleverness) High Art Lite, is "an art that looks like but is not quite art, that acts as a substitute for art." (Sorry, Julian, but why don't you take the time to tell us what you regard as real art?) Beyond the few paragraphs of undergraduate-level, Kant-and-the-Aesthetic lucubration are a thousand years of boring paragraphs about the wickedness of Saatchi, the wickedness of irresponsible, boosterish critics, the wickedness of the GNP, etc.
In the English-speaking world he has receded to being little more than an occasion for academic lucubration. Many people know he wrote the "Ode to Joy" that Beethoven set as the finale of his Ninth Symphony, but few have actually read his poems.
Her recent literary lucubration Love, Love, and Love, treats us to a peak at the inner feelings of a grand lady, taking the MGM grand, having rather generic romantic longings for fellow glamour-pusses, pondering her new custom window-treatment.