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SAT waiting into the early hours for Calderdale's election results to appear I wondered why we persist with such a ludicrously outdated pencil and paper system.
And, with an extra charge for most sauces, they were ludicrously expensive at PS2.
When it isn't ludicrously dismissing as dangerous Marxism this sensible and limited proposal to throw hardworking families a costof-living lifeline, Downing Street acknowledges that Labour's on to a winner and flails about trying to come up with a scheme of its own.
Visually mesmerising, it manages to bundle in ludicrously high tension.
The US and Russia, since the end of the Cold War, have made only ludicrously small reductions in their huge arsenals; they could easily get rid of two-thirds each yet still have enough to lay large tracts of the Earth waste.
After about 48 confusing weeks, BBC1's tedious dud The Voice and its ludicrously labyrinthine rules have finally gone live.
Unable to show respect for an old lady passing away after a series of strokes, he shamefully and ludicrously attempts to compare her with Hitler.
Watch out for co-star Robert Hooks, the director''s father, who plays FBI agent Henderson, and also Elizabeth Hurley making her movie debut as a ludicrously miscast English air hostess The plot was originally supposed to take place during the night, but it was changed to a daylight setting in order to save a few dollars on the budget.
If an Italian bloke called Roberto can be sacked by a ludicrously wealthy club for almost getting knocked out of the Champions League then what hope for an Italian bloke called Roberto whose ludicrously wealthy club has actually been knocked out of the Champions League?
Harry Deane (Colin Firth) is a much-abused gopher for the ludicrously rich businessman Lord Lionel Shabandar (Alan Rickman).
I am, therefore, appalled that local radio in general, and Radio Merseyside, in particular, is being targeted for some of the harshest cuts under proposals ludicrously termed "Delivering Quality First".
The Black Cats chief had a right to be stomping his feet after seeing Titus Bramble ludicrously dismissed by referee Christian Bandurski in the closing stages of Sunderland's final Bundesliga examination.