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John Savournin, who also directs, steals the show as Betty Swollocks, a ludicrously tall Dame.
Presumably, these include ill-considered judgments like ludicrously waving a Union Flag while suspended from a zip-wire, insulting the people of Liverpool over wallowing in their "victim" status over Hillsborough and, more recently as Foreign Secretary, erroneously and unforgivably describing Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's purpose in visiting Iran as "training journalists", reportedly hindering efforts to gain her release.
Part of me respected that guy for buying himself a ludicrously expensive "big boy gift" even if another part of me still balked at nearly paying almost PS10 for two drinks.
Heat Signature's pause time feature allows for intricate plans involving teleporters, hacking, daring airlock exits and surprise assaults, or ludicrously brilliant ways of rescuing yourself from impending disaster.
FRISIAN HANDBALL One of a number of ludicrously parochial Olympic demonstration sports (see also: Basque Pelota, Swedish Gymnastics, Finnish Baseball), this hybrid tennis-British Bulldog type thing was only of the remotest interest if you lived in the northern Dutch province of Friesland, and even then probably barely.
I mean, ludicrously affected" Hugh Laurie on Stephen Fry "They would rather microwave their own eyeballs than have the Hopkins on" Outspoken columnist Katie Hopkins saying that the BBC would never invite her on Strictly Come Dancing
SAT waiting into the early hours for Calderdale's election results to appear I wondered why we persist with such a ludicrously outdated pencil and paper system.
is And, in truth, such are Liverpool's striking options at present it would make zero sense to accept anything other than a ludicrously excessive bid for the 24-year-old.
Visually mesmerising, it manages to bundle in ludicrously high tension.
The US and Russia, since the end of the Cold War, have made only ludicrously small reductions in their huge arsenals; they could easily get rid of two-thirds each yet still have enough to lay large tracts of the Earth waste.
Unable to show respect for an old lady passing away after a series of strokes, he shamefully and ludicrously attempts to compare her with Hitler.
If an Italian bloke called Roberto can be sacked by a ludicrously wealthy club for almost getting knocked out of the Champions League then what hope for an Italian bloke called Roberto whose ludicrously wealthy club has actually been knocked out of the Champions League?