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First, the ludicrousness of identifying with the government-speak, of having always had as one's ambition to be a government project, of, indeed, believing in such efforts.
Amplifying the imposition of difference as an indicator of misrepresentation of the Jewish body is apparent in Cohen's work (juxtaposed alongside his homosexuality) by placing the dildo as both sexual object and circumcised penis outside the body (often obstructing the mouth) expresses the ludicrousness of anti-Semitic ideas about circumcision, equating it to castration and feminising of the body.
The ludicrousness of the situation underscores Schuyler's point, which he aims at both races: racial discrimination of all kinds is senseless; and, as a corollary, from Schuyler's perspective, so are the virtues of miscegenation.
Sometimes I wish I didn't feel so at home here, amid the ethnocentrism, the mediocrity, and the sheer ludicrousness that comes with this identity.
From the best of love to the pain of unrequited love; from dark and unshakable thoughts that challenge silence to the maddening search for one's "true" identity; from irreverence towards religion and the religion of celebrity to the ludicrousness of world leaders and their political actions; from the past, present and future plight of native Americans to the cause de force of the present-day "global" citizen; from the reality of death to the reality of death's transcendence, Laney leaves an indelible mark on the reader's mental landscape, all the while leaving universal guideposts along the way to help the seeker find their way.
As I stood at the kitchen sink after my daughter went to bed, I pondered the ludicrousness of saying the dead are "looking down" on us.
The environmentalists said it had reached the point of ludicrousness where private television channel news bulletins showed municipal crews collecting wood from one bonfire and transporting it to another.
Even so, Hiding in Plain Sight approaches the surreal in the ludicrousness of the lies.
Much of it is directed towards my feelings at being kept in a cage against my will and the ludicrousness of my situation," he said.
A splendidly acute observer of his own shortcomings - even if he didn't always choose to admit them - he had a lovely eye for the ludicrousness of the rest of us and could deflate someone he thought should be taken down a peg or two with a funny aside that had about it just a touch of the withering.
But what each such story, whether that of my trip mates in 2000 or of Hank and Anna in their escapade set in 2002, really has to be about is the sheer ludicrousness of the venture.
In the case of "Lady Chatterley," though, the nearly three-hour running time leaves perhaps more room for tedium and ludicrousness than it should have.