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He seems to get the ludicrousness of what he is doing in ways that Moyles refused to accept.
This speech is remarkable only for its ludicrousness.
Philip's brother Graeme, 33, said: "It highlights the ludicrousness of the 3.
When the vaginal fairness cream was launched with a commercial that showed a woman feeling on top of the world after applying the product, the ludicrousness of the situation made it the butt of jokes around the globe.
The problem with kowtowing to the agenda of politicised minorities is that you get the kind of ludicrousness now enshrined in Labour's 2010 Equality Act which David Cameron shamefully allowed onto the statute books.
The ludicrousness of this double standard cannot be overlooked.
Thus, for example, he asserts that: "The ridiculous rituals of matzot on Passover, which run so counter to what is accepted in the countries in which they live, arouse ludicrousness and even revulsion made even more intense by how important the Orthodox [Jews] consider them" (Lombroso, 1894, 14).
Sometimes her stories are beautiful; often they are full of the ludicrousness of life.
Satire can be the best weapon to reveal the ludicrousness of inequality.
But, of course, crawling skin is the point, and I can now recognize that at this point ludicrousness needed to reign supreme (witness the absurd "La Guardia in a Paper Hat" (1972)) because it had been in the work all along.
If what you want is the confessions of a struggling single mother, the novel suggests, then that's what you'll get, in the form of a literal confession of extreme violence, made comic by the deadpan style of Dolly's narration and the ludicrousness of her actions.
The ludicrousness of it all transcends the race for the title.