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LUGGAGE. Such things as are carried by a traveller, generally for his personal accommodation; baggage. In England this word is generally used in the same sense that baggage is used in the United States. See Baggage.

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For cruise lines, Luggage Forward introduces unparalleled transparency and reliability to the process of sending luggage to a cruise.
The acquired firm will join a family of brands that Luggage Forward has recently acquired, including The Luggage Club, Baggage Quest, Luggage Express, Luggage Advance, Ship Luggage, Sports Express, and Virtual Bellhop.
Altman Luggage also offers pens, watches, and other premium travel accessories to meet a traveler's every need.
In an earlier incident, the airline lost the man's luggage when he flew to Thailand on holiday.
Overview of the Global Apparel, Accessories, Luggage and Leather Goods Retailing market.
The Commission in charge of the probe points out that hundreds of tons of luggage are being processed, triggering possibilities of damage and illegal access to some pieces of luggage.
Even better is luggage awaiting your arrival at a destination or a hotel.
Today, they still manufacture quality aluminium suitcases and are also responsible for the revolution in lightweight luggage using hi-tech materials.
InsureandGo said it estimated that every day nearly 7,000 items of luggage put on or taken off planes in the UK is misplaced in the UK or abroad.
Passengers are also avoiding having to queue up for ages waiting for their luggage to come off planes and into baggage areas.
Already very popular at airports around the world, it's a global tracking system which gives luggage a metal, permanently attached ID tag unique to its owner.
First Luggage was launched in September, 2004, and carried its first luggage the following month.