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LUGGAGE. Such things as are carried by a traveller, generally for his personal accommodation; baggage. In England this word is generally used in the same sense that baggage is used in the United States. See Baggage.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Standing there sweating by my luggage cart, I was not ready to remember what happened to him.
He's accused of swiping the bag last March when it was momentarily left unattended on a luggage cart at Kennedy Airport.
Instead of paying USD5 for a luggage cart at baggage claim, go to 'Arrivals' and grab one abandoned curbside.
The alarm was triggered when the man left the terminal through another gate and tried to hide in a luggage cart, said an airport spokesperson.
A second telescoping luggage cart has a 70-pound capacity and carries a suggested retail price of $33.
Always take a luggage cart when flying, and pack light!
Footage on NHK showed Chang pushing a luggage cart in Beijing airport and talking briefly to media.
"We have also introduced four new luggage carts," he said, adding that one of the new luggage cart has an Expo 2020 Dubai logo branding giving it a "local feel", Indulkar said.
Pushing a luggage cart, he did not speak to the large crowd.
Michael John Jones allegedly threw a luggage cart at the workers, then began punching one in the face.