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This opera is laced with familiar tunes, opportunities for underlying solo cello arpeggios, lugubrious clarinet, delightful flute solos and stirring brass.
AT THE risk of incurring the wrath of Mike Storey,leader of Liverpool City Council, theRt Rev James Jones,Bishop of Liverpool,Roger Phillips, the lugubrious BBC Radio Merseyside presenter and my own colleague David Charters,I was oblig ed to stifle sniggers at them being tagged Liverpool's New Men.
LUGUBRIOUS Les Fitton is unlikely to be able to unplug The Power in tonight's main event, but the home favourite can definitely take four legs off him, writes Steve Davies.
Despite Prince Charles being a fan - that's enough to put anyone off - Milligan's lugubrious on-off hostility to the world and everyone in it over the past 20 years has been a joy.
You don't want to hear about the terrible films - lugubrious Generation X and pre-Generation X soul-searching, really torturous.
This was beautifully paced and imaginatively balanced throughout, but one would have wished to have actually heard the lugubrious gong intended to underpin a heart-stopping undertow from lower strings and timpani.
Cantor's index awards points down to ten for reaching the last 16 which means that lugubrious Les, or `The Natural', as he is known, needs one win for buyers to profit.
John Peel, who was in tears when he accepted the award, has become a broadcasting legend with his lugubrious Merseyside tones gracing the airwaves for nearly four decades.
If the sterile gallery space is lugubrious by definition, this show brilliantly argued that the relations between the living and the dead--and between a host of other polar oppositions--cannot be so easily classified.
He was accompanied by an orchestra with reduced strings, allowing more of Rachmaninov's intricate detail to tell - not least Andrew Barnell's deliciously lugubrious bassoon solo in one of these Dies Irae variations.