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But lain Baxter & got the joke first, sending up the lugubriousness of cultural production in the 1960s--a time when the press release, the grant proposal, and the institutional contract were new inventions in a burgeoning art economy.
He would have been deeply irritated that so many of his obituaries give such prominence to his famous Minced Morsels TV advert with the basset hound Henry, in which he won the head-to-head for lugubriousness hands down.
Alan Rickman, best known for bringing a saturnine lugubriousness to acting" roles, is off-rather than onstage.
Pessoa's Livro do desassossego, which reads like Pascal written by Beckett, is just such a "sleeper." Published posthumously, the work of an author who was reclusive and virtually unknown in his lifetime, the book has only recently been available in English translation (and only fleetingly so in the U.S., where it is already out of print), yet copies are passed from hand to hand, and readers are seduced one by one by Pessoa's anatomy of the burden of consciousness and by his "exhilarating lugubriousness."
But the scornful beau has been known to dance on <rare> (10) occasions; generally when his hostess, tormented by the expression of high-minded lugubriousness and lofty dullness that sits upon his brow, fears that he is not agreeably entertained, and drags him off to be introduced to a charming girl who waltzes delightfully.
"I suppose if people stop sending me horses, I'll have to retire," he says, with the kind of chortling fatalism that rescues him from lugubriousness, "but I'll take a bit of shifting from this place." And then the horses thunder past, leaving just a strange kind of silence, formed from birdsong and the incessant blustering of the wind.
As Honore, the roue narrator who claims to be "old enough to know my faults but young enough to still know how to enjoy them," a mauve and lilac-coated Topol has the necessary complicit manner but topples into lugubriousness. You could drive a coach and horses through his pauses, which continually threaten to grind the action to a halt.
As overdetermined as it is in its almost comic lugubriousness, the image retains a certain Friedrichian sublimity (mediated here by the reference to Island of the Dead, 1880, by Arnold Bocklin, himself a follower of the German master).
Far from funereal, it can lift the spirits where jolly oranges and jaunty yellows have us cowering in a corner come Monday morning and no matter how common on high street or dance floor i t continues to enchant with its dramatic lugubriousness.
There is a dark Celtic lugubriousness about them which weighs heavily from poem to poem, and an overt religious overtone that has some vague connection with Christianity but is hardly orthodox - "the death of Christ was everywhere" comes as a shock in a poem about "A Pigeon Dead" - and more typically, the wish is voiced "to swim my soul awhile in the pure space."