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National, regional, and local conditions determined which ideas the Baltimore segregationists embraced with greatest vigor--like the idea that "commingled races" were inherently prone to conflict and the idea that blacks brought down declining property values--as well as the ones they received somewhat more lukewarmly, such as the equation of blacks with disease.
Instead, he lukewarmly "avail[ed] myself of this opportunity to acknowledge your kind attention on former occasions," assuring Adams "of the great interest which I take in the preservation of your health & happiness, being with the greatest respect & regard very sincerely yours.
The Kurdish militias are first loyal to their party, then to Kurdistan, and only thirdly, and lukewarmly, to Iraq as a whole.
17) Maqdisi also lukewarmly criminalizes 'Uteibi for the sacrilegious act of carrying arms in the Ka'aba mosque and for fighting during the month of Muharrem, but qualifies that by saying that the Saudi government was the aggressor.
At other times, impatience has triumphed, and the task has been pursued lukewarmly, at best.
Albrecht, who became prexy of original programming in 1995, has ferried his share of hits--"The Sopranos," "Sex and the City," "Six Feet Under"--but is not above the occasional miss ("The Mind of the Married Man," the lukewarmly received "Arliss").
True, the plaintiffs qualify my beliefs as "fervently-held" as if to distinguish my beliefs from those that might be lukewarmly maintained.
This led the Alliance to lukewarmly advocate airpower and little else.
His foot taped up, Sampras - who up until now has been lukewarmly received on these green and pleasant lawns - was cheered to the rafters as he eventually swept aside Justin Gimelstob.
For example, if users respond lukewarmly to a Web site they subscribe to, the client might consider reducing the subscription cost to better match the expectation level of users.