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Yet the only time Alpers writes without her characteristic lukewarmness is when she talks around Katz's art, particularly when expressing her impatience with those who treasure "art as something distinctive, something which might have its own history.
The oriental churches have suffered from "languor, indifference, lukewarmness, and a spiritual sterility" owing to an uneducated laity and "dormant piety.
A star loses itself in the dawn's vastness - creaking of wind, lukewarmness, breath - the night is over.
It is dangerous to read silence as a sign of lukewarmness--in fact, it is dangerous to read too much into silences, period--but such lukewarmness would be much in keeping with the temper of other liberal thinkers toward mid-century.
the idea of a full-scale sequencing crusade met, said one participant, with a "resounding lukewarmness.
My friend found my Heavenly lukewarmness so astonishing because for him, Heaven was the reward, the payoff for good Christian behaviour, the great lure without which one might not see any reason to try to live a Christian life at all.