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In Badiou's phrase, a "lukewarmness of sharing." (6)
Lukewarmness and indifference towards religious duties, have been induced not only from their land, but from the great profit they now gain on their produce--Wheat, Gum Flax are in great demand, and prices very high.
It is an urgent call to remain steadfast despite suffering, to repent of complacency and compromise, to move from lukewarmness and the middle of the road to heated commitment, and from disillusionment and despair to confidence and hope.
Mr Hale was disappointed in his pupil's lukewarmness about Greek literature, which had but a short time ago so great an interest for him" (331), it is because Thornton is instead spending his evenings with the Higginses.
Yet the only time Alpers writes without her characteristic lukewarmness is when she talks around Katz's art, particularly when expressing her impatience with those who treasure "art as something distinctive, something which might have its own history." For Alpers art is nothing of the sort, rather, it is just "one cultural artifact among many others made at a particular time."
Saint John gives three signs by which to determine if the aridities originate in God or in the soul's own lukewarmness. If the soul derives no consolation in religious or worldly affairs; if she fears she is failing God; if she is unable to meditate or employ the imagination in prayer, devotion, or reading; and if these three signs are present together in the soul, they indicate the transition from the active to the passive, from the natural to the supernatural, from meditation to contemplation, which is infused loving.
The oriental churches have suffered from "languor, indifference, lukewarmness, and a spiritual sterility" owing to an uneducated laity and "dormant piety." The laity suffered from lack of religious education among the faithful, and church people lacked frequent communion, prayer, proper devotions, and reforming retreats.
A star loses itself in the dawn's vastness - creaking of wind, lukewarmness, breath - the night is over.
It is dangerous to read silence as a sign of lukewarmness--in fact, it is dangerous to read too much into silences, period--but such lukewarmness would be much in keeping with the temper of other liberal thinkers toward mid-century.
To take the explicit references first, Astell's first named reference to Locke, in Moderation Truly Stated, is to his theory of the association of ideas: "Then Lukewarmness and Indifferency in our Profession, is the only sense in which Moderation can be taken in the present context; if with the Great Mr.
But at a July 23 meeting of many of the world's foremost geneticists, held by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Institutes of Health, both in Bethesda, Md., the idea of a full-scale sequencing crusade met, said one participant, with a "resounding lukewarmness."
Thunderous apathy, unconcern and lukewarmness? What else, if not this?