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"The lull itself is an important period in the evolution of Mars and other planets."
ANSWER The October Lull is what many hunters perceive as a reduction in deer activity and movements during this month.
Syria's army announced late on Friday a "regime of calm", or lull in fighting, which applied to Damascus and some of its outskirts, and parts of northwestern coastal province Latakia.
We know the general parameters in which the lull occurs, but even so, there's no magical formula or code that will crack this case.
SAN - Deadly clashes resumed Saturday between Zaidi Shiite rebels and Sunni Islamists in northern Yemen, both sides said, a day after the Red Cross evacuated 44 wounded during a lull.The fighting, which first erupted late last month, has centred on a Salafist mosque and Koranic school in the town of Dammaj that has been besieged by the rebels, known as Huthis after their leading family."Intermittent confrontations have taken place...
Before accepting recently publicized claims that climate warming has "lulled'' since 1998, ask yourself this question: Why 1998?
Anything else will simply lull the financial markets into a dangerous sense of false security.
He said: "It's difficult but that's the challenge for us when we get a lull in fixtures like this.
A lull in the sale of dollars by the central bank has pulled down the value of Nigeria's Naira.
Lull with an enlarged and improved version of this incredibly useful book.
The traditional summer lull seems to be over with September activity up 8.9 percent from that of August; a more robust than usual jump as the year winds down.
Colombo, May 5 -- February 2012'a exports earnings show our export lull in January to be only temporary.