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The lull itself is an important period in the evolution of Mars and other planets.
The takeaway message is if you're not seeing deer during the October Lull, move your stand.
He said the lull in fighting had been extended around Damascus for another 24 hours.
The naira weakened for a second day after it was affected by the lull of dollar sales as well as low oil-company sales.
6% to US dollars 879 Mn in comparison to February 2011, breaking the exports lull in January 2011 and clearly lays any doubts on Sri Lanka export growth, to rest.
It makes sense that a lull in US operations, coupled with ineffective Pakistani efforts, might lead the terrorists to become complacent and try to regroup," the paper quoted an American official, as saying.
Lull is a very likeable if at times confusing beast.
They clearly used the lull of Tuesday as a trick to reinforce their position," Le Roy said, referring to a dip in the fighting after three of Gbagbo's generals requested talks.
When considering a new flavor offering for your coffee line, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is lull cup drinkability.
There is a temporary lull in pirate activity off the east coast of Africa due to seasonal winds, but we expect it to be a temporary lull," said William Tobin, an official of the nonprofit organization Shipowners' Protection Ltd.