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And of poetry the success is not attained when it lulls and satisfies, but when it astonishes and fires us with new endeavors after the unattainable.
It was all in the other quarter that, after a lull, the grossness broke out.
But he was afraid of her; and besides, there came a lull now, for she had begun to think.
Dean, when she brought in supper, to sit down while I ate it; hoping sincerely she would prove a regular gossip, and either rouse me to animation or lull me to sleep by her talk.
Then, came that singular calm and silence which succeed all uproars; and then, with the vague sensation which I have always connected with such a lull - namely, that it was Sunday, and somebody was dead - I went up-stairs to dress myself.
Eric caught sight of his leering face at one of his boasts--for there was a lull in the game, because no man else wanted to come within reach of Eric's blows.
So far is the general sense of mankind from corresponding with the tenets of those who endeavor to lull asleep our apprehensions of discord and hostility between the States, in the event of disunion, that it has from long observation of the progress of society become a sort of axiom in politics, that vicinity or nearness of situation, constitutes nations natural enemies.
For the most part they were like ourselves, taking advantage of a lull to shift their quarters.
There was a lull in the noises of insects as if they had bowed their beaks and were making a devotional pause.
Then, in a lull, P-'s protesting innocence would become audible:
Sometimes, in the evening, she heard a voice, concealed beneath the wind screen of the bell tower, singing a sad, strange song, as though to lull her to sleep.
During a brief lull in the conversation his clear, soft voice suddenly reached Trent's ears.