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Despite several attempts by three experienced practitioners, lumbar puncture was unsuccessful.
Carefully performed lumbar puncture is critical in confirming the diagnosis and in ruling out any underlying cause for the meningeal enhancement.
Key Words: central nervous system, fever, intensive care unit, lumbar puncture, meningitis, nosocomial infection
A lumbar puncture should be repeated in patients who fail to respond to 48 hours of appropriate antibiotic treatment, particularly those with infections due to resistant pneumococci and those treated with adjunctive dexamethasone.
I rushed him straight to hospital and doctors gave him a lumbar puncture to see if he had meningitis - which he did.
In addition, failure to perform or correctly interpret the results of lumbar puncture can contribute to misdiagnosis of SAH.
Lumbar puncture is sometimes used to administer chemotherapy drugs or antibiotics to patients.
Many physicians feel that they need to order a CT scan prior to a lumbar puncture in order to identify patients at risk of brainstem herniation due to the invasive test.
CBC and biochemistry, whole-body CT, lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspirate, and trephine biopsy findings were all normal.
6) minor treatments such as: lumbar puncture, puncture of pleural and peritoneal, the assumption of a gastric tube, probe Sengstaken, arterial cannulation,
The study indicates that hypnosis is effective in preparing pediatric oncology patients for lumbar puncture, but the presence of the therapist may be critical.