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How they pile the poor little craft mast-high with fine clothes and big houses; with useless servants, and a host of swell friends that do not care twopence for them, and that they do not care three ha'pence for; with expensive entertainments that nobody enjoys, with formalities and fashions, with pretence and ostentation, and with - oh, heaviest, maddest lumber of all
He knew that Zeena must be wondering why he did not offer to drive her to the Flats and let Jotham Powell take the lumber to Starkfield, and at first he could not think of a pretext for not doing so; then he said: "I'd take you over myself, only I've got to collect the cash for the lumber.
The lumber was hard to work because it was full of frost, and the boards gave off a sweet smell of pine woods, as the heap of yellow shavings grew higher and higher.
When it became known in the town that we were discussing the plans for a new, large building, a Southern white man who was operating a sawmill not far from Tuskegee came to me and said that he would gladly put all the lumber necessary to erect the building on the grounds, with no other guarantee for payment than my word that it would be paid for when we secured some money.
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross explained in an April 25 press briefing that a 20-percent tariff wasn't expected to increase the price of lumber drastically and would help American lumber mills by decreasing the pricing advantage Canadian lumber sellers could offer due to government subsidies.
Global softwood lumber prices trended upward in early 2017 with prices in North America hitting a 13-year high, Chinese import prices increasing 13 per cent in 18 months and Japanese prices moving modestly higher in the first quarter of 2017, added the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRI).
6 October 2016 - Union City, Indiana-based quartersawn and plainsawn hardwoods producer Frank Miller Lumber has acquired Memphis, Tennessee-based wholesale hardwood lumber exporter USA Woods International, Inc, the company said.
In the US, lumber prices have gone through some ups-and-downs the past two years with southern yellow pine prices having fluctuated between $198/m3 (actual size) and $284/m3 over the period.
Dubai -- As an ambassador for Canadian softwood lumber products, the award winning Canadian company, SPF Precut Lumber, is honoured to celebrate its silver anniversary in Dubai, on Monday (April 13), as a precursor to the Dubai International Wood and Wood Machinery Show 2015.
Because the main application of domestic logs in Japan is as sawn lumber, efficient lumber production is needed.
Bean Lumber blames the company's financial problems on Curt Bean's daughter and son-in-law, accusing them of orchestrating elaborate schemes that cost the company possibly millions of dollars in profits and sales.